Fruit On The Tree


Growing up with an older brother and sister has proved to be a valuable life lesson. As a child I remember times when my older sister and brother would get into trouble. And depending on the severity of the trouble, they would get a visit from dad that was a bit unpleasant. I didn’t want that kind of visit from my dad. This served as great motivation for me not to do what they did, because if I did what they did, I would get what they got. Get it?

There is a saying that the best teacher is experience. Perhaps that is not so. Bill Lewis shared a great analogy. If there are four boys standing in front of a stove with one burner still hot, and one of the brothers touches it, which brother do you want to be? Hopefully you don’t want to be the knucklehead brother who touched the burner. Which experience was the better teacher? I’d prefer to be one of the boys that watched his brother experience the hot burner. Anyone else? So, the best teacher is not experience but rather, the experience of someone else.

If people can understand this analogy from a negative standpoint, why can’t people follow it when it comes to success? Even Jesus taught us the simplest way to determine who we ought to follow. “Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” (Matthew 7:15-20). That is what the LIFE business is about. We follow in the steps of giants; men and women who have good fruit on the branches of their lives. We learn marriage and parenting principles from those with successful marriages and families. We learn sound financial principles from those who have demonstrated high levels of competence and stewardship. We learn servant leadership from those actually being servant leaders. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

If you would like to stand on the shoulders of giants, learn from phenomenal leaders, and hang out with some people with fruit on the tree (and don’t know where to find anyone like that) then check out what is going on with LIFE ( It may be the best decision you’ve ever made.


About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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