Reflecting On My Journey

Today, as I was feeding baby food to a new member of our His & Hers Daycare, I noticed how much she looked like my great-niece Bella. As I was thinking about this I began thinking of all the different hats and jobs that I’ve worn or worked at. So, I thought I’d write them all down.

My very first job was working on a former bird farm, cleaning it up and tearing down coops, and doing anything else the owner asked me to do.  After that my best friend Blair and I prepped softball fields for an adult softball league. I vividly remembering us riding our bikes to and from those fields. Later in my teenage years I sat in a bunker and loaded clay pigeons on trap machines for trap shooting at the local sportsmen’s club.

After high school, I was off to college. I had a partial wrestling scholarship and some grants, but I still needed to work. So I started working at the college cafeteria. I cleared the dishes off the trays as they rolled into the kitchen area on a conveyor belt. Let me say it was pretty gross. College students tended to get pretty creative with the food they decided not to eat. My first summer I went back home and painted with a company that painted upscale homes in Aspen and Snowmass Village. The following summer I did concrete work and truly learned what hard labor was. Later on in college I worked the drive through window at A&W. And after that I delivered pizzas for Pizza Hut (that perhaps was my best job). One other summer between semesters, my friend Marc and I were hired to help stock a newly built motel with its new furniture. My final job during my college years was as a high school janitor.

After graduating college I worked for City Market as a “courtesy clerk” which is a fancy way of saying “bagger.” That gave way to working as a front desk clerk at Days Inn. Next was possibly one of the most life changing jobs I’ve ever had. I was asked by Pastor Doug Self to be the summer youth director for the church I was attending, Church At Carbondale. It was here I began to discover the world of leadership and personal development. I had studied in college though to be a physical education teacher.

So after applying for teaching positions and not landing any, I then substitute taught for a year. The next year I became a sixth grade teacher at a private Christian school. I also was hired as the assistant wrestling coach for Basalt High School. One summer, between classes, I worked on someone’s property clearing brush and prepping the land to be developed. Another summer, I homesteaded land where I rented a cabin from one of my student’s parents. Another summer I went to Salt Lake City and was the summer youth leader with a three-month mission to help get a youth program kick started and train leaders to keep it going (I don’t know that I succeeded). I also to a stab at a network marketing phone card company that turned out to be illegally formed.

After three years of teaching sixth grade, I took a leap of faith and changed directions not really even knowing what I was going to do. I simply knew I wanted to go on mission trips and pursue the plan God had for my life. So I started working part-time for my church doing odds and ends of handy man work and labor working on the church property. Then I started working at my church’s preschool. After working at a preschool, I started doing drywall with Russel Rauman. I learned a lot of valuable lessons during my time with Russel (thank you!). Drywall work turned into framing, roofing, painting, siding, concrete, and flooring, and becoming a part owner of a home building company. During this time I went to Nepal and Italy on missions trips. During these years I was also a volunteer with Youth For Christ and was the middle school leader at my church, New Creation Church.

After returning from Italy, I started a new job as the recreation director for the town of New Castle, CO. This was the first job I ever had that lasted longer than three years. In fact, it lasted ten years. I’m thankful for this job since it helped me go to another mission trip to the Philippians. But I did need to pick up some side jobs from time to time to make ends meet. I delivered newspapers at one point and worked as a front desk clerk at a local fitness club. I was the JV wrestling coach one season with Rifle High School, and the assistant wrestling coach for Coal Ridge High School another year. I also tried my hand at two other network marketing businesses. And in 2009 I was introduced to what has become the LIFE business. None of this includes the time I spent as a volunteer coaching basketball, football, softball, soccer, and wrestling, getting married and having two kids. Wow, even I’m amazing myself.

Since leaving the Town of New Castle last August 2011 I have been a scrap metal collector/seller, painter, landscaper, roofer, handyman, entrepreneur, baby sitter, and now help with our own daycare. That’s a pretty impressive list! And some might wonder, “WHY?”

I have an answer. I have always been motivated by a greater purpose than simply working a job. God has a plan for my life, and it isn’t one that involves wearing out couches or lazy boys, chasing paychecks, or living day-to-day without cause or concern for others. I truly have always been about the big picture. God has called me to do great things. I’ve simply not known how to achieve them.

Then LIFE came knocking in the form of a business idea that Kalii Stone shared with me. You see, I’ve known that my purpose is to reach other people to help them discover their purpose. I helped people do that to a degree as a teacher and youth worker, but it was incomplete. Those roles had the right intentions, but weren’t entirely the right vehicle for me. So I would search for another vehicle. And another. And another.

Once the LIFE opportunity came along, I discovered I could literally help create a pipeline income for myself and others, freeing up time and finances, so people to pour their heart and souls into whatever God’s purpose for their life might be. And many of the people I meet with don’t even know they have a purpose. So what does LIFE teach? Everyone has a purpose. And we can help people reach and fulfill that purpose.

So in partnering with the likes of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, the rest of the policy council, and my mentor Larry Vanbuskirk, my wife and I can take the very things my first mentor, Pastor Mark Bintliff, has taught us, and drive a vehicle that will propel us towards that purpose. God’s hand has been upon my life since I can remember. And I’ve known it’s always been about reaching people. Now I have a vehicle to help us drive to those new horizons and fulfill the plans and purposes He has for us. Every day is a new day; a day closer to our destiny. Thank you Lord for prepping me along the way; in every job, and every situation, for those new horizons you have for my tomorrow.


About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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