LIFE Keeps Growing- Thank You!

God has truly blessed us and surrounded us with a great group of people who continue to pursue their dreams by building a pipeline business, LIFE. Courtnee had surgery on her foot nearly two weeks ago. She was completely bed-ridden only able to visit the restroom for nearly 10 days. Between our church’s ministry of meals and our LIFE business family we have had dinners served to us now twelve days in a row. That has been an awesome help!

Also, during this time I have not been able to spend as much time building our LIFE business. In a way, this has proved to be a good thing, for while I was off the grid a bit, my team continued to perform. People are joining our amazing community that I have yet to meet. What this has proved to me is just how important is proper duplication and following the training system. Follow in the footsteps of the victorious, and you’ll find yourself with the victory.

So thank you my amazing team! I would love to thank you all by name but I fear I may forget someone (we are simply growing too large to remember everyone off the top of my head). Thank you for stepping up and performing. I realize you may not have done so specifically for Courtnee and I, but nonetheless, our success is your success and vice versa. We truly are a team and that point was made clear when I was more dependent on you.

Also, I want our amazing mentors Larry and Marsie Vanbuskirk for their amazing support and wise counsel. God certainly knew what he was doing when He connected Courtnee and I with you two amazing people and this business.

Onward and upward we go. The future is extremely bright and new horizons are on their way. We learn from our past, live in the present, and prepare for the future. God bless!


About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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