The Economy and Our Future

economy1Up until the end of 2008, Courtnee and I were a two income household. I worked as a recreation director for a small town and Courtnee was a Realtor. We made decent money between the two of us, yet when the economy retracted and the real estate market crashed, Courtnee’s income went bye-bye and mine froze (and even decreased). And like most everyone else, we weren’t too smart with our money prior to the economic downturn. We had a lot of payments on things from credit cards to a camper to a hot tub, a vehicle, etc. So when our income decreased by over half our payments didn’t. We went bankrupt. Our pop-up camper was repossessed, we sold a couple of vehicles to make mortgage payments, and eventually went through the process of bankruptcy, and nearly lost our home as well. We are still overcoming our poor fiscal management and climbing out of the hole we dug for ourselves, but the future is very bright!

I’m no economist or expert but I’ve started learning a thing or two about our economy. Let’s take a look at the financial situation facing our nation. As a nation our government is going further into debt $4.5 billion every day. Our nation made $2.3 trillion dollars in 2011 and spent $3.8 trillion. That means our government overspent by $1.5 trillion dollars. Now to help this be more relatable, let’s knock off nine zeros and call it $15,000. So basically, the government made $23,000, spent $38,000 and put $15,000 on Visa. The crazy thing is that they already had $16.5 trillion, I mean, $165,000 on the Visa card. Yep, that debt was already there before borrowing another $15,000. This doesn’t even include what is owed to social security, medicare, etc. Let’s just call that our mortgage that we owe. That amount is $114 trillion minus nine zeros for our analogy which equals $114,000. So, our government had $114,000 left to pay on a mortgage, $165,000 owed to Visa, then put another $15,000 on Visa after earning only $23,000 in 2011. Ludicrous, isn’t it?

But wait, it gets better. I mean, worse. Enter the Federal Reserve. This independent, privately owned bank has the cushy “job” of printing money and loaning it to the government as the government sees fit. They are our government’s Visa card with what seems an unlimited balance. At the push of a button they can print money, loan it to our government, and expect to get paid back for it. Well, since 2008 our money supply has increased by nearly $3 trillion (4 times).

Here is what is absolutely crazy to me. When our income dropped below our expenses, it didn’t take long and we went bankrupt. Yet our government has been overspending for decades and somehow thinks it’s immune to bankruptcy. There are principles that govern finances. At some point, those principles take effect. It’s just that simple. Yes, a plane can overcome the law of gravity for a period of time, but eventually, the law of gravity will win out. So too the laws of fiscal management will win out over fiscal irresponsibility.

So what does this mean? Leading economists say that even if the debt went away, because of the inflated money supply the cost of goods in the USA will increase 75% by 2015. Therefore, $100 of groceries today, will cost $400 in 2015. And our salaries won’t increase at the same rate and are actually predicted to drop even more. It means our nation is in trouble.

So what do we do? First of all, get out of debt. Get a hold of some solid financial teaching and learn the fundamental principles of money management. Create a budget and start saving. Secondly, start looking for opportunities that will help you create a residual, pipeline income. Gone are the days of the Industrial Age. We are now in the Information Age and moving into the Entrepreneurial Age. Those who learn the rules of today’s financial game will win. Those who refuse to change will at best struggle. Times have changed. Don’t be too stubborn to change with them.

Perhaps the best thing we can do is get involved with an Entrepreneurial Community. Entrepreneurial communities work in unison and build up assets and resources for the purpose of buying up failing businesses and real estate when the market crashes and work with the former owners in helping them reacquire their properties. They are pro-active in preparing for the future  in order to be the heroes that save the day should the worst happen.

To be effective, these communities should teach the fundamental principles it takes to be a well-rounded, contributing member to the community. Yes, each member of these communities should have a residual income that is independent of the restraints that come with employment, and self-employed businesses. But, these communities are teams that work together for the common good, not giving away free lunches necessarily, but helping people learn the same fundamental truths about faith, integrity, free enterprise, hard work, self-discipline, and personal responsibility. Entrepreneurial communities will be the employers of the day, but not for the purpose of “slave labor,” but for the purpose of helping lead, teach, and guide people towards their own independence.

My pastor speaks of people who despite the darkening of the days ahead will rise up and be beacons of light, leading people to truth and answers to their many problems. Why not be one of those bright shining stars? Why not be one who will be a hero of the day? We were made to be here on this earth for such a time as this. There is a reason.

Perhaps you are wondering where you can find such communities. There are a few but none as complete and as prepared as LIFE. If you want to dive in more, then check out Answers are out there if you are willing to look. Scary times are coming, but honestly, they are only scary for those who are unprepared or unwilling to prepare. But for those with the understanding of how to prepare, the future is bright.

Much of this information comes from Team economist Larry Vanbuskirk which can also be found at,, and by simply subscribing to leading economists worldwide.


About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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3 Responses to The Economy and Our Future

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  2. Rusty McCormick says:

    Great writings Son Bryan.. I Love our Passion.. and I Love You.
    I don’t disagree with anything You said and We and Our Communities and Country need to be a whole lot better at Our economics. I will add tho, that Our Economic Failure comes from Our Moral Failure… if We as a Nation would get Our Morals lined up with JEHOVAH GOD, HE would take care of Our Economy. Just look at the Struggles of Israel… when Their Mind was in the gutter, so was Their Economy… when Their MInd was on JEHOVAH, Their Economy was on a Higher Plain.

    • Bryan Vashus says:

      Absolutely Rusty. We need to see higher standards of morality return to this nation. Integrity is one of the fundamental truths I wrote about and without it any level of financial success will be lost. Finances do not corrupt character, they reveal character. Without strong, moral character, financial success will lead to corruption. Which is much the reason why our nation is where it is today.

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