Thoughts of A Better Tomorrow

Yesterday is gone
And with it the memories of lessons learned from mistakes made

Today was better than yesterday
With more improvement to come in future days

With every passing day
I yearn for a greater tomorrow

Not that it’s terribly bad today
Or that yesterday was filled with sorrow

But the realization that I’ll be a better man
A better husband
A better father
A better leader
Brings with it the excitement of things to come

Another book read
Another teaching by which wisdom is learned
Another action taken
Leads to a greater me and a future home

Lord continue to guide me
Direct my steps
Light my path
Ever lead me
To my better tomorrow


About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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