Our Journey as Defined by the Rifle Arch Hike

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I am so proud of my family, and especially my wife today after hiking the Rifle Arch Trail. None of us had hiked the trail, so we had no idea what journey lay ahead of us. It wasn’t easy. But by taking one step after another, we scaled some steep ascents, traversed some muddy spots, and even tackled the boulders, sand, and loose rocks at the top. And that’s where I was most proud.image4

For even the people that passed us along the way, stopped at the base of the final ascent to the Arch, not bothering to test their abilities to reach the Arch itself. But we did. We made it to the very end, all four of us. Sure, I could do it by myself, but the journey of my life isn’t about what I can do. It’s about what WE can do. And we did it.

As many of you know, we are building a business as a family, and this hike was very representative of our business journey as well. We may not be the fastest at what we do, image3but as we continue to put one foot in front of the other, and learn, grow, change, and develop ourselves, and serve one another and our teammates, we will inevitably reach the summit. Some might be faster than us, but ultimately, we are going to reach the top. After all, the journey has nothing to do with how difficult it is. When something is right to do, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard to do. As our pastor said in church today, “We are becoming the people we need to become, and will by default achieve success in the end.”  I’ve heard it perhaps hundreds of times, but I’m beginning now to understand it. “It’s not the destination that matters as much as the people we become during the journey.” We’ve seen some summits already, but the trail continues before us. And we will never quit!



About Bryan Vashus

I am passionate about living a life of purpose. There is a purpose in being a spouse, a parent, a leader, and a person. I live in such a way as to fulfill the purpose in each area of my life and help others do the same. I have an amazing wife, Courtnee, who shares in this pursuit with me, two children, Hannah and Joshua, who bring immeasurable amounts of joy to my life. My family is united together in truly helping people and impacting them with the grace and love of God everywhere we go.
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