What a Ride It’s Been

I have been pondering, debating, arguing, questioning, and ultimately deciding to write another blog. I just haven’t been sure what angle I wanted to take. Should I write on a topic, simply share some thoughts, or do a Vlog.

Due to these thoughts, I’ve made some short videos of various LIFE experiences but am not overly impressed with any of them.img_6532 Well, that or I don’t feel like putting in the time to edit them and make them more appealing. I’ve also written down some subjects and topics that I’ve been learning about while being part of the greatest leadership community in the world. With that being said (written), it looks like I’m simply going to share some thoughts.

I have now been involved with this LIFE business since it was founded on November 1, 2011. And what a ride it has been. This has been the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced. So just what is the challenge?

As the two or three people who might happen to regularly read my blog know, I am a Christian which simply means I recognize that Jesus saved me I have made Him the Lord of my life and endeavor to live for Him. If anyone asks me what Jesus saved me from, I always say from myself. And that is also the case when I speak of the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced- myself.

Because of this misunderstood, unusual business, I have been constantly learning how to overcome my limited thinking and become the man God has destined me to be. Because of img_6524this business I have a better marriage than I would ever have had. Because of this business I have the best friendships I’ve ever had. Because of this business I have hope in my finances due to the greatest and most complete financial education program in existence. Because of this business I get to work with bank presidents, business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and aspiring leaders to grow and develop their leadership capabilities. Because of this business, and thisfinancialfitness truly is the greatest joy it provides me, I get to lead people to Truth! I simply cannot imagine a better life than the one I get to live.

It’s not been easy. In fact, this has been the most painful, heart wrenching, tumultuous, challenging undertaking I’ve ever attempted. I’ve had every reason to quit and slip back into the status quo with the rest of “average America” and be like the steward who hid his talent in the ground. But because of the vision and hope this opportunity has provided me, I will NEVER settle for merely paying my bills and taking care of “us four and no more.”

God has called me to greatness. God has called me to go into all the world. God has called me to increase, multiply, and be fruitful in all that I do. He has called me to people. And He has lead me to follow the leadership and mentorship of Orrin Woodward and Larry Van Buskirk of LIFE to do all the above.

What a ride it has been. And what a ride it will continue to be. We will reach one million people and beyond, and I’m so thankful that I get to be part of this revolution.

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Win this Fight

I came across this solemn prayer I wrote out some time ago. We all have struggles. We all stumble, struggle, and at times come up short. We all feel alone at times, doubt, and lose hope at times in our lives. May this prayer remind you of the One who will never give up on you. 

 Lord, Hear Me

Am I that different? Am I deceived? Do I lack faith? Do I just need to believe? 

Why do I feel alone in this fight? To want to make a difference, to truly be a light? 

I want to matter more. I want to make a bigger mark. Yet it seems to me, that I’m alone, fighting in the dark. 

Yes others are doing this, but they seem so far away. I wish I had someone here with me, who felt this same way. 

To be passionate about things that matter, consumed with living God’s best. No matter the price- the sacrifice of passing all God’s tests. 

Is there someone who can do more than push me, but love me through it all. To race with me, fight with me, and pick me up when I fall?

I want warmth. Inspiration. Encouragement from near. Not just at a distance or digitally, but next to me. Right here.  

But should it not come, I pray I will draw near. To the One who created me. To the One who removes my fears.  

Thank You Lord for Your comfort, when none seems in sight. It is because of You, I know, I will win this fight! 

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Life on Purpose

purpose-drivenLet me cut to the chase on this. Why are you here? Why are you on this planet? What are you living for? Self? Pleasure? Entertainment? Addictions? Family? Money? What? What are you living for?

D.L. Moody said, “Our greatest fear should not be that we won’t succeed but that we will succeed at something that doesn’t matter.” Are you living for something that matters? Are you pursuing success for the right reasons? Where is your heart? What does it seek? What do you think about? And ultimately, what do your decisions in life show the world what you are living for?

I’ve been in a bit of a funk as of late. And I’m actually thankful for it. For whatever reason, when I do find myself down a bit, I tend to think more deeply. I’m drawn more to God. (perhaps that’s why I’m in a funk. I haven’t been spending enough time with Him). I begin to evaluate myself, my decisions, and the results in my life. When I speak of results, I’m speaking of far more than financial gain (as most people default to). I’m speaking of my relationships, spiritual growth and relationship with God, my attitudes, actions, and decisions, and ultimately, how many people I am leading to the truth.

Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God (rule, dominion, and God’s way of doing things) and all of the material things like clothing, food, provision for our lives would be added to us. The apostle Paul said to set our minds on things above where Christ is. He also said to think on things that are just, pure, lovely, are of good report, have virtue, and are praiseworthy.

What have you been thinking about? What wakes you up in the middle of the night? Are your thoughts consumed with financial matters, what you’re going to do on the weekend, food, the internet, the opposite sex, the negative in your life, or even just the temporal things that this world has to offer? What are you thinking about?

Or perhaps you’re thinking about your purpose. How are you going to influence people with truth. How can you fund that ministry God put on your heart to support. Perhaps He commissioned you to go to other nations or to the neighbor next door. Perhaps He is leading you to serve in a certain capacity in your local church. Maybe you find yourself thinking about how to raise your kids according to God’s ways and are ever seeking wisdom for that, or your marriage, or your business relationships. Are you thinking about how you are being a light everywhere you go? Do you find yourself asking what is your purpose?

I once heard a quote that goes something like this. Is there enough evidence in your life that you could be prosecuted in a court of law that you are a Christian? What if your life could only be seen and not heard? People would only know you by what they saw you doing. Would your life look like one lived on purpose or lived on pleasure? Would they see you laying on your couch watching TV programs that do not reflect your purpose, or would they see you serving and helping people? Would they see you on Facebook more than reading your Bible? Would they see you going to church or the movies? What would they see? Would they see you praying or just playing? Would they see someone broken and sad, or joyful and glad? Smiles or tears? Anger or peace? Depression or laughter? What would they see?

The apostle James said he shows his faith (beliefs) by his works. What do your works reveal about what you believe?

These are the questions I ask myself. And how I answer them will determine where I’m at five, ten, twenty years from now.

The only place we can find true fulfillment is in a deep, personal, walking, talking, living, breathing relationship with God Almighty that comes through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ His Son. My greatest aim is to know God more deeply and to have fellowship with Him.

I have changes I need to make.

I have growing to do.

And by the empowering grace of God, I can fully live my life on purpose.



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God doesn’t strong-arm us into partnering with His purpose. He invites us to use faith, discernment, and humility to discover a life beyond our wildest dreams.

John Bevere

Eight months ago Courtnee was tracked down through Facebook for what is now her current job where she is flourishing and has won the trust of her boss and co-workers as office manager of a real estate company. In January I started working part-time in Aspen selling insurance and have had good success.

Our business continues to grow through amazing relationships which in turn grows its income.

With our new employment moving up valley we felt we needed to move as well. Late this Spring Courtnee and I moved into a new home in a nice subdivision on an acre lot with more square footage than we’ve lived in before- for the same cost as a home half the size. The transition from one school to another, one soccer program to another, and one city to another has been nearly seemless. Literally everything has fallen into place miraculously.

Our marriage is the best it’s ever been. We have vision for the future. We have goals and dreams and a vehicle that can take us there. I, myself, am changing and not the same man I was.

We have amazing children who understand the importance of obedience and right choices.

Our church and pastor continue to be a huge blessing to us spiritually with timely messages that address specific areas of our lives including business, marriage, and finances.

It’s simply amazing.

All of these wonderful blessings can be traced back to a decision I made to get involved with a misunderstood industry and an”outside the box” organization Life Leadership.Bryan's iPhone pics 021

I can honestly and emphatically say none of these aforementioned blessings would exist if I had not trusted God to stick with this one decision despite many critics, nay-sayers, and even close family members and friends that were flat out against my involvement. At one point, even Courtnee was against my involvment. Thankfully, we are now partners together in this great adventure.

Talk of “faith” and “trust” comes up all the time in Christian circles, but I see now that it’s usually spoken of in a manner that is neither. For me, sadly, it usually was a cop-out used to settle for the status quo or remain in my comfort zone. Basically the mentality was “just keep doing what you’re doing and trust God to work it out.” I had one  question for myself. “How’s that working for you, Bryan?” There’s a scripture that says God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge. My ignorance on the topics of finances, communication, systems thinking, conflict resolution, and relationship skills had me slowly sinking in a world of quicksand.

June2014LeadershipConvention 004Yet, because of my involvement with this amazing organization, along with the mentorship of Larry VanBuskirk and Orrin Woodward, I truly believe I can maximize my God-given potential and fulfill my purpose. The vision God gave me the summer of 1997 is coming to fruition!Journey Pics 104

When we look to God’s word and His mandates for us as His people, no where does He say “settle.” No where does He say to be comfortable. He says, “Go.” He says, “Be fruitful.” He says, “Multiply.” This life we live should be one of constant stretching, reaching, expanding, growing, changing, and ultimately glorifying our Father. Shame on me if I am the same man today I was five years ago, 1 year ago, or even yesterday.

I have a lot of work to do on myself and in my business. There is so much more in store for us to feel we have fully run our race. In fact, I’m not sure even a lifetime on this planet is enough time to fulfill all of it. Thankfully we have a vehicle that includes mentorship by Inc Magazine’s #20 leadership professional, Orrin Woodward, world-class educational tools, a community of winners, and the great I AM to help us be far more effective.

I am so thankful for Kalii Stone reaching out to me to share with me what has now become my passion- leading people to Truth through the greatest, most systematic, rewarding business orgazination on the planet.

2014 iPhone pics 051


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Do You Know Your “Why”?

It’s really this simple. If the reason you want to do something is bigger than the excuses that hold you back, you’ll do it. Obviously, the bigger the task, the dream, the purpose you choose to accomplish, the bigger you “why” must be. Life never gets easier. We only get stronger (or weaker). And we only get stronger by overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. And we only overcome when we have a reason to overcome. What’s your “why”?

When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.

Terri Brady


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Setting People Free

setting people free

If you are like me, you find yourself in random conversations getting asked, “So, what do you do?” Generally we respond with our occupation and what it entails. “I’m in sales with XYZ Company,” “I work at such and such company,” “I own a business,” are responses we tend to give or hear.

Years ago there was a commercial for a pick up truck that showed a man at an outdoor potluck or party of some kind conversing with his neighbors. Apparently he had recently moved into the area. He was asked the typical question, “What do you do?” The man paused, “Uh, uh, uh…” As he stuttered, the commercial started showing video of him using his pick up to spend time with his family, go to the lake, pulling a camper, and simply having a good time. I liked that commercial. It showed that his thoughts were on his family and that his “doing priorities” were with the ones he loved, not simply the ones he worked with.

And that’s how I believe I respond. When people ask me the same question, my response is like this, “I help set people free.”

You may ask, like so many others do, “What do you mean?” Well, I have the awesome privilege of being coached and mentored by experts that are teaching me how to be free financially, professionally, and personally through amazing eduational programs that in turn I can teach to others as well. I guess you could say my collegues and I are modern day Harriet Tubman’s.

This response is often followed with, “What’s that look like?”

financialfitnessWell, through a program called the Financial Fitness Program, we teach and help people implement proper thinking and decision making when it comes to finances so they are no longer slaves of the Financial Matrix. We even helpFinancial Matrix those that are underpriviliged, disenfranchised, or victims of disaster through our LIFE on Life Initiatives. By helping people become debt free, financially free, and poverty free, we set them on a path to make choices in their lives based on their purpose and not on their paychecks. Imagine the freedom you’d have in life being able to live like that- no longer worried, stressed, or bothered with financial concerns.LifeOnLife

Our LLR Corporate Leadership program educates anyone in the small to corporate business world with proper thinking for themselves and their employees. We help employees to be LLRCorpLogoproblem solvers and not just minions. It empowers people with success thinking so that people are engaged at work, not doing the bare minimum so they don’t get fired, but equipped and developed to make a difference. There is amazing freedom in
knowing that you have a voice at work- not just because you want to make noise, but because you have valuable information to contribute to your occupation that benefits the company and its customers. And it’s especially liberating for employers to have employees that are engaged and passionate about their work.

Lastly, we help people develop personally. Imagine strong men and women that take personal responsibility for the decisions they make on a day to day basis. Imagine people that endeavor to change the world by first changing themselves. Imagine people who strive for excellence in all they do- in marriage, family, work, and community. Our Life Leadership program helps a person begin their leadership journey right where they are at; for we believe that leadership is for everyone. lifeleadership

This is what I do. As I become liberated in my own thinking, I help others do the same. I work with people and help them be the best version of themselves that they can be. It begins with myself, then my family, then my teammates, coworkers, community, and beyond. And I find that it’s the greatest thing I could ever do with my life. As the Good Book says, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!”


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Where Are You On Your Financial Journey?

When I first started this blog I really wasn’t entirely sure what it would consist of. I named it The Journey of A LIFEtime simply because I thought it would chronicle my success journey in Life Leadership. It has obviously chronicled more than that. Since my first published blog The One That Started Them All I have learned a ton.

There’s a story in the Bible that many people are familiar with. It’s the story of the exodus of Israel from Egypt. After many years of what I call preparation, Moses returns from the desert to set God’s people free. For hundreds of years the Israelites prayed to God to save them from their slavery and distress. For they remembered the promise made to their forefathers of a Promised Land for their people. Upon Moses’ return, the fight for freedom began.

Through a crazy and miraculous string of ten events that included the death of all of Egypt’s first born children that included the Pharoah’s son, Pharoah eventually let 2 million Israelites leave Egypt along with all the food, livestock, gold, silver, and supplies they could carry.

It didn’t take long before Pharoah changed his mind and chased after them to capture and/or kill them. Fortunately, God miraculously came 23F0789F00000578-0-image-a-3_1418212117272through again, parting the Red Sea through Moses’ obedience, allowing the Israelites to safely cross to the other side. And if you are familier with this story, you know that Pharoah and his armies chased Israel through the sea only to have it come crashing down on them killing them in the process.

Israel escaped Egypt only to face tests of their thinking that amounted to many of the Israelite’s complete failure. Despite countless victories and miracles, the first generation of Israelites that escaped Egypt, would not see the Promised land. Due to a lack of faith and obedience, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and eventually died there. They always had their needs met, never lacked for food or water but never entered the Promised Land.

EXODUS-GODS-AND-KINGS-Trailer-1Eventually, God raised up two leaders through the mentorship of Moses. They were Joshua and Caleb. These men would do what millions wouldn’t do before them. They would have the courage to step out in faith and obey God and lead His second generation into the Promised Land.

There were still battles to fight and work to be done. Living in the Promised Land still required faith and obedience for there were still temptations of “better things” and “better ways of doing things.” Some were still tempted with complacency as their parents were in the wilderness.

Amazingly, despite the fact that Israel experienced peace and prosperity unmatched by all Israelites that ever lived before them, God still had more for these people. Unfortunately, they never realized the fulness of all that God had prepared for them.

There are so many parallels that can be made from this true account from the history of Israel. And the parallel I would like to draw from it is related to our finances. So let me ask this question. Where are you? Or better yet, who are you? Everyone is in one of these places; Egypt (the Financial Matrix, the Wilderness (land of debt freedom), or the Promised Land (Financial Freedom).

Most of America is living in the land of slavery, Egypt- the land of the
Financial Matrix
. There are differing stages that we find people in theseFinancial Matrix lands based on their knowledge or lack there of.  First, there are those who have completely given up that there is any hope to their financial situation. At best they hope the government will take of them, or pray to the lottery gods for their solution. They blame and make excuses. They have long ago given up any responsibility for their lives.

Then there are those literally praying to God or the cosmos for answers. Living paycheck to paycheck, ever struggling to pay their bills, let alone their debts, and despite working really hard, they do not know how to escape. So they can only pray, for they have no knowledge of how to change their circumstances.

Next we find there are people who have some different knowledge. Perhaps you’re one of those like my wife and I who have come across some new information that has helped us recognized the need to leave the Financial Matrix and pass through the Red Sea of lies and deceit brought upon us by those in the media and power positions.  Like us, you’re excited, but realize the task ahead of you will be full of challenges, struggles, and adversity. But hopefully, like us, you have a plan.

As people begin and continue through the process to debt and financial freedom, they often encounter struggles created by trying to follow the financial success principles of long-term vision, delayed gratification, and the patience required to see the effects of multiplication working in their lives. These struggles often find people longing for the days of Egypt. After all, for the most part, in the  Financial Matrix, they could buy what they wanted, when they wanted, and basically how they wanted by using a credit card, or leasing vehicles, and getting loans, etc.

Then there’s this interesting group of people. They’ve applied the
principlese of Financial Fitness but have become comfortable with being debt free. Their financial_fitnessneeds are met. They’re not worried about paying bills but have settled into a routine. And to be honest, they are complacent. Their sights are  no longer set on the Promised Land. It’s fine if others want a greater reward, but “hey, we’re fine with where we’re at.” They might even realize that it is God Himself that has provided this greater place, but it’s just not worth the fight of faith to possess it. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that in many cases, they are only one lost job, one economic downturn, one major health crisis away from financial ruin.

Lastly are those that didn’t quit at debt freedom but pressed on to true financial freedom. They’ve reached the Promised Land. Not only are they debt free, but they literally do not have to worry about finances ever again. They have enough either in savings or have created a passive residual income that has them set for the remainder of their lives. And what can often happen here is that they too settle into their place of comfort and ease no longer striving for continued excellence in life. Amazingly though, God still has a greater purpose even for those that have reached this place. Just as God had more for the Israelites that possessed the Promised Land, so too does He have more for those who have obtained financial freedom.

In learning from great mentors like Orrin and Laurie Woodward and Larry and Marsie VanBuskirk, and my pastors Mark and Tasha Bintliff, I see that the key to never settling for comfort and ease is to always remember our purpose for living. And that’s ultimately what the Financial Fitness Program is all about- helping others by leading them out of Egypt- the land of the Financial Matrix, into the wilderness of debt freedom, and ultimately into the Promised Land of financial freedom that they too might fulfill their purpose and help others do the same.

So where are you on this journey? Have you even begun? Do you want to?You and I have been placed on this earth for a purpose. There is a path to follow for those who have the courage to take it. And here’s a roadmap to help you begin. 


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